Over 300 years of tradition

The Zollpackhof across the Chancellery building became Berlin’s first restaurant destination as early as 1700 and offers its guests a unique place to relax.

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New after old construction plans

When it was re-opened in 2005, Berlin native Benjamin Groenewold gave back a piece of tradition to the capital. After long renovations from 2014 to 2016 based on old building plans, in cooperation with Munich’s Augustiner-Bräu, the historic complex now shines with new life.


Restaurant Zollpackhof

A packing station for the newly constructed Lehrter Station was built on the 19th-century foundation walls in 1871, where the restaurant is now located.

Beer garden

Zollpackhof Biergarten

In cooperation with the brewery Augustiner-Bräu in Munich, a traditional tavern formed with one of the city’s most beautiful beer gardens beneath old, shaded trees.

Augustiner cellar

Zollpackhof Augustiner Keller

The Augustiner cellar consists of two with loving attention to detail renovated guest rooms: the tavern with a copper bar and the adjacent room called Schwemme.