O’zapft is in the Zollpackhof!

What do you associate with Oktoberfest? We associate it with the best beer of the year – Augustiner Oktoberfest beer – from the wooden barrel and, of course, as a “Maß”

On Saturday, September 19th, 2020 we will open our beer garden at 11 a.m. You already get the best white sausages (Weißwurst) from the copper kettle, you can  order almost! all types of beer. A fresh Erdinger always goes well with the white sausage.

At 12 noon our brass band “Spreeblech” plays and the first wooden barrel of the Augustiner Oktoberfest beer is struck. We ordered a total of 2000 liters of the best material. So … you can strike properly and celebrate properly with friends and acquaintances.

Look forward to an exuberant atmosphere, great live music and, as always, to a great audience!

(Please remember … 6 people per table, registration on site, M-N-S on all routes)