Augustiner Bräu Munich – in our Zollpackhof

Why Augustiner and where is the secret of Augustiner-Bräu Wagner KG?

The secret is probably in the company philosophy: “We are concerned with the outstanding quality of our beer, with tradition and with our Munich roots.”

The Augustiner brewery was mentioned for the first time in 1328. At that time, the monks started brewing beer directly in their Augustinian monastery and sold it in the very popular Klosterschenke in Munich. Soon, the monks also supplied the Wittelsbach dukes with their highly valued, strong beer, until they started providing beer for themselves by their own brewery in 1589.

The Augustinian monks gained particular popularity in Munich after a life-size wax figure of Christ, which was worshiped by the faithful, resurfaced completely intact a year after tragically breaking. Since then it was considered miraculous and experienced vast popularity. Nowadays, it is on display during the Advent in the monastery’s “Bürgersaalkirche”.

In 1803, the monastery’s own brewery was privatized and acquired in 1829 by Anton Wagner. Since then, Augustiner is a bourgeois private brewery.

The brewery attaches great importance to draft beer from traditional wooden barrels, which enjoys the special care of brewmasters. The brewing water is extracted from its own well from 230 meters deep. Furthermore, the Augustiner beer is brewed exclusively with selected raw materials from the region.

In the historic Tennenmälzerei (malthouse), Augustiner produces a malt of special quality. The germinating barley is laid out in 40 meter long and 10 meter wide rooms on thin layers of a special limestone soil and turned every 8 hours. Thus, the malt has plenty of room, time and space to breathe.

During the changing history, the Augustiner-Bräu Wagner KG  has experienced wars, privatization and innovations, and yet remained true to its corporate philosophy.

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