Summer, Sun & Sunshine!

And an Argentinian BBQ in the Zollpackhof beer garden.
Could you imagine something better as last topic-BBQ before the summer break?

On this evening we have Argentine live music, Argentine wines and great steaks from Argentine cattle and a small cocktail bar for you.

La Pastoril – beef from Argentina – is a group of ranchers from the Argentine province of Córdoba who raise 100% ox to the highest standards. All animals grow up in the midst of the fertile pastureland of the pampa region with pure grass feeding. The producer group is part of the Good Agricultural Practices and Animal Welfare Program of the Province of Cordoba and meets the quality requirements of international markets. The result is pure, unadulterated taste. Finely marbled, juicy, lean and buttery: Argentine beef is the gold standard.

Homemade empanadas, asado and chimichurri are of course also part of an Argentine evening.

We look forward to you!